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Yacht Management

In yachting, enormous capital is destroyed and irrecoverable life-time is lost by the many possible mismatches between the ambitions of yacht owners or charter guests and the actual features and atmosphere of the chosen ships.

In order to avoid these ludicrous, but very wide-spread frictions and losses, AETHALIA MARINE SERVICES has developed a novel methodology for assuring a massively improved match between the ambitions of owners and charter guest and the actual features and atmosphere of the respective ships.

Via a multidimensional representation of both, the constellation of ambitions and of ship features an optimal match is assured. (See 3d visualization on the opposing page.)

In addition to these advanced brokerage activities,AETHALIA MARINE SERVICES offers a new type of comprehensive “zero hassle” support for yachts owners and their captains. The 7 key points in this are:


  • Instant professional support for all maritime and in-harbor needs, from finding a place in crowded harbors and all forms of administrative support, Arrival / departure formalities for commercial yachts, Crew changes, Arrival / departures manifest, Custom bills, Imports / exports,Waste disposal (liquid / solid), Consular practices, Shore Pass, Border Police Practices, Invitation letters. Elicopter & Private jet transfer, Luxury cars with and without driver ( Ferrari/ Maserati/Aston Martin), Mercedes minibuses all air-conditioned, from and to the airport, plus excursions, Wally  tender/ Riva Aquarama,, Personal shopper,, Provisions, Bonded stores, fresh provisions, beverages, catering for all occasions, vintage wine and champagne, Dragon Fly events, Music and shows provided by professional groups and artists,- Tennis Club, Golf Club, Bunker service delivery by pipe on board, Bunker dutyfree, Professional Body guard for your V.I.P. guests, Wifi internet, Diving center with personal instructors on board.

·         through instant technical and even medical support, to hotels and restaurant recommendations and bookings, car and even  real estate rentals etc..


·         For the Italian and French Riviera, from Portofino to Saint Tropez, AETHALIA MARINE SERVICES does provide also a comprehensive arrival and departure clearance support.


·         In co-operation with a special shipyard in Genova, AETHALIA MARINE SERVICES offers a rather unique repair, maintenance and refitting service. Without additional costs, ships up to 110 meters can be serviced in a highly secure dry-dock, i.e. without any structural stress for the hull or any of risks related to todays standard procedures.    In relation to the above, AETHALIA MARINE SERVICES offers full supervision of all services, including final sea testing and turn-key solutions.


·         In co-operation with highly specialized law firms, AETHALIA MARINE SERVICES ensures professional legal support for all maritime eventualities, from insurance issues and damage claims, trough staff contracts to transparent contractual frameworks for maintenance and repair services.


·         An often proven competence of AETHALIA MARINE SERVICESis its capability to assessand valuate yachts, and to provide advanced negotiation supportassuring good deals for their clients in both roles, when buying of selling a ship.



·         Finally, AETHALIA MARINE SERVICES co-operates with all major naval registries, like Lloyds, BureauxVeritas, RINA etc., and is specifically proud on its experience in finding viable solutions also for all and complex administrative and bureaucratic challenges.



Head office :Galleria Mazzini 27
Genova, Italy cap. 16121

office: Portfino
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