Maintaining Super Yachts Ageny Portofino, Genova, Santa Margheita-AETHALIA



Maintaining and operating a Aethalia Super Yacht is an owner's greatest expense

Refit management by Project Aethalia Super Yacht will draw on decades of experience to ensure you stay in budget and complete all work on time to the highest industry standards.

Project  Aethalia Super Yacht has resources in all areas of ship building, repair, and operation. We can provide:


  • Complete design service
  • Painters
  • Hydraulic engineers
  • Electrical and electronic engineers
  • Monitoring system specialists
  • PLC programmers
  • Interior detailers
  • Shipwrights
  • IT technicians Project managers
  • Engineering personnel
  • Welder fabricators


Project  Aethalia Super Yacht can provide the complete refit program for your super yacht, from stand alone services to total project management.